Find Peace of Mind for Your 人类 and 社会服务 Organization

Organizations in the human and social services industry provide a wide range of support and services to better the lives of their fellow man. Despite their focus on philanthropy and service, these organizations do not operate without risks. 事实上, many human and social services organizations face significant and unique risks daily and increased risks during special events and volunteer functions.

Watkins Insurance Group offers comprehensive insurance advice and support to clients in the human and social services industry. 自1949年以来, we have been proud to provide insurance services to many human and social services organizations throughout the US, 包括:

  • 慈善机构
  • 非营利组织
  • 宗教组织
  • 学校
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • 首页 health care and hospice facilities

We help you focus on your mission by eliminating the fear of the unforeseen.

Address the Unique Challenges of Non-Profit and Charitable Operations

To help you mitigate the risks of operation, our agents explore multiple coverage options, 包括:

  • 财产保险
  • Transportation liability policies to cover employees and volunteers who use their own vehicles for organization business
  • General liability and umbrella coverage
  • 志愿者报道
  • Special event insurance to address liability for property damage or personal injury
  • 董事及高级职员
  • 员工不诚实
  • 错误和遗漏

By combining a range of products into a cohesive insurance solution, we help you create the appropriate protection for your organization.

Why Choose Watkins for Your Insurance Needs?

Creating a comprehensive insurance plan for a human and social services organization is not as simple as requesting a few options online. It takes a specific knowledge of the non-profit and charity industries to develop an effective protection plan. 沃特金斯, we are uniquely suited to provide insurance advice to charities and 非营利组织 due to our:

  • 经验: Over our decades in business, we have served several charities, 非营利组织, schools and medical providers. Working with these fine organizations has given us unique insight into the risks associated with operating such an entity, and the appropriate insurance products, and strategies for addressing them. We put this experience to work for you to ensure your protection.
  • 承诺: Just as you are committed to your mission, we are committed to helping you achieve it. Our agents develop a thorough understanding of your organization, 你的操作, and your protection goals before providing advice on available insurance products. We truly do everything we can to help you help others without having to worry about risks and liability.
  • 可访问性: Unlike an online insurance provider, we have physical office locations. This bricks-and-mortar presence and our focus on remaining accessible offer our clients peace of mind when an issue arises. Whether you need help filing a claim, reviewing your current insurance solutions or adding a policy, 韦德1946.

As a client of the Watkins Insurance Group, you are offered personalized service, 详细的建议, and insurance solutions customized to meet your unique needs.

联系 Us to Build a Custom Insurance Solution for Your Organization

Our agents at Watkins Insurance Group are focused on helping you build the insurance solution that provides protection for your human and social services organization. 联系 us online or call to discuss your organization’s insurance needs.


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