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Welcome to Hanna Motorsports. We are a professional motorsports business featuring three jet-powered exhibition race cars appearing across the US.

Our parent company, Pro-Race, Inc. is a Connecticut based corporation founded by Al and Ellen Hanna in 1978. Members of our company include Al Hanna, President, Richard Hanna, Vice President, Ellen Hanna, Secretary/Treasurer, Scott Hanna, Engineer, Jessica Willard, Marketing Specialist and Driver, and a group of loyal employees all working to make our company grow.

We currently field three jet cars as follows:

The “Eastern Raider” Firebird - 1998 Pontiac Firebird center-driver position jet funny car. This is recognized as the highest tech jet funny car built in the history of the sport. The actual name has been in existence since the late ‘60’s. The surname “Eastern Raider” came from the fact that the Hanna’s loved the Oakland Raiders pro football team and they were based in the east - thus the “Eastern Raider”. Veteran Al Hanna drives this machine.

The “First Strike” Firebird - 1999 Pontiac Firebird side driver position jet funny car. This car is recognized as the fastest in the history of the sport. This is the only jet funny car in history to run in excess of 290 mph in the quarter and is the World Speed Record Holder at a backed-up 290.04 MPH. 2nd generation driver Rich Hanna wheels the “First Strike” Firebird more then 25 events per year. The name “First Strike” came from the fact that this was Rich’s first attempt at professional drag racing as a driver in addition to the fact that he loved professional bowling and carries an average in excess of 220. The word ‘Strike’ denotes more then one meaning in this name.

The “Queen of Diamonds” Jet Dragster. - This machine is driven by young Jessica Willard, 23. Jessica has a degree in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire specializing in working with kids. This car has run nearly 310 MPH with an et of 5.04 seconds. As a driver of this car, Jessica has established herself as the fastest and quickest female jet dragster driver in history and one of the fastest women on earth in history as well. The name “Queen of Diamonds” was created by Ellen Hanna. She was inspired to bring this name to the team by the reading of a recent Stephen King book - The Dark Tower IV - Wizard and Glass. Very interesting - it gives the Hanna program a name that calls attention to a woman driver and rings true to the spectator as well.

In addition to fielding three professional race car teams, Hanna Motorsports participates in several other arenas.

Race Car Trailers - Al Hanna founded the ‘Raider Race Trailer’ company several years ago and the company built more then 20 different versions of trailers for a multitude of customers. Hanna Motorsports currently transports their race cars in Raider Trailers.

Race Track Jet Engined Dryers - Hanna Motorsports has produced a large number of jet-engined race track dryers for customers. The most noteworthy of their customers includes New Hampshire International Speedway, home of Winston Cup events in New England, and Lebanon Valley Dragway. In late 1999, Hanna Motorsports is investigating the creation of a new generation of dryers using a more current engine package to service modern speedways.

Race Car Building and Servicing - Hanna Motorsports has both built jet cars for customers and serviced jet cars for customers. Some customers include Lou Brookman of ‘Chariot of Fire’ fame and recently, Ernie Bogue, Jr. of ‘Runnin’ With The Devil’ fame.

Motorsports Marketing - Hanna Motorsports also creates and sells motorsports marketing packages for other race teams. The company currently is working with Bobby ‘G’ Getgetkas, driver of a NASCAR Modified Tour machine and Chris MaGee, driver of a NASCAR Pro Stock machine. The office of Hanna Motorsports is equipped to create and produce marketing packages.

There is much to Hanna Motorsports. We are constantly looking to grow our business and branch out to other venues where motorsports can produce business. Hanna Motorsports is poised for the next decade. The Hanna’s, Al and Ellen, the original founders of Pro-Race, Inc. now proudly have four grandchildren. Are they the future of Hanna Motorsports? Only time will tell.

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